Ferns, fumes and an undeserved review of Gotye

Earlier this week, the arts and entertainment critic from the San Jose Mercury News gave ascathing review to a concert by Gotye, the stage name of Wouter “Wally” de Backer. The Aussie singer/songwriter recently headlined in San Francisco (which also happened to be our first show here).

While I think A&E critics have a tough job, the writer missed one major point in describing the 31-year-old musician as having “the stage presence of a fern”: the fact that there was enough herb in that auditorium to sedate a herd of woolly mammoths. I mean, seriously: It would be hard for the Energizer Bunny to get pumped on onstage in such a stifling fog of pharmaceuticals.

Someone in our group lamented not bringing any of the  good stuff, but there was really no need. When the stage lights shone into the crowd, they illuminated billowing clouds of the fragrant stuff throughout the palatial space. My leather jacket alone absorbed a week’s worth of contact highs.

So there you go, Mr. Snarky Pants Mercury News Reviewer.  This is San Francisco, where you can get looped on second-hand smoke in the aisle at Safeway, for Pete’s sake. So keep that in mind next time you go slamming a performer who didn’t have the foresight to bring an oxygen mask for his show in the City by the Bay.

You know what else? Minus the  Hansen-esque encore, we thought Gotye’s performance was a damn fine into the SF music scene.

So you can put that into your pipe and, well, you know.



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